Top 10 GoHighLevel Features You Must Know

HighLevel Features

GoHighLevel is an all-in-one software platform designed to help businesses manage their online marketing, sales funnels, relationship management, and more. With the wide range of GoHigLevel features, GoHighLevel aims to be the central hub for running an online business.

For users new to GoHighLevel, the extensive feature set can seem overwhelming at first. To help users better understand the platform’s capabilities, here are the top 10 GoHighLevel features every user should know.


GoHighLevel was created specifically with agencies and consultants in mind. The software consolidates multiple tools needed to run an online business into one place. This enables users to work more efficiently without having to switch between different dashboards and logins.

While the breadth of features is one of GoHighLevel’s biggest assets, it does mean there is a learning curve for new users to get to grips with it. However, once understood, users can build highly optimized sales funnels, websites, lead generation forms and more with ease.

The following sections will provide an overview of the 10 most important features to be familiar with as a GoHighLevel user.

10 GHL Features

1. Funnel Builder

  • Quickly build high-converting sales funnels with premade templates and drag-and-drop editor
  • Embed lead capture forms, calls-to-action, timers and other conversion elements
  • Connect funnels seamlessly to payment processors like Stripe
  • A/B test different funnel versions to optimize conversion

The funnel builder is one of the core that sets GoHighLevel features apart. Users can create beautiful sales funnels with just a few clicks, embed them on their website and start driving leads and sales.

Advanced users can build multi-step funnels with upsells, downsells and bump offers to maximize revenue. Funnels can also connect directly to Stripe to facilitate payments.

2. Landing Page Builder

  • Design high-converting landing pages for lead generation
  • Use premade templates or build custom pages from scratch
  • Embed lead capture forms, calls-to-action and other conversion tools
  • A/B test different page versions to improve results

Much like the funnel builder, the landing page builder makes creating optimized pages for converting website visitors into leads a breeze. A wide variety of templates, the drag-and-drop editor and built-in conversion tools like forms and countdown timers enable users to quickly build effective landing pages.

3. Website Builder

  • Create marketing websites from industry-specific templates
  • Customize sites with your own branding, content, images and more
  • Add lead capture and contact forms seamlessly
  • Host on your own domain or GoHighLevel subdomain

Users can build complete marketing websites with the website builder feature. Instead of having to rely on a separate website builder platform, you can manage everything directly within GoHighLeve featuresl. Useful templates provide inspiration and speed up the process.

4. CRM & Contact Management

  • Store, organize and manage customer contact details in one place
  • Segment contacts for targeted email and messaging
  • Track history of conversations across channels
  • Set tasks, notes and reminders for follow-ups
  • Integrate with email services like MailChimp

The CRM capabilities let users store their contact lists securely on GoHighLevel. Contacts can be organized with tags and added to automated sequences. Activity history across messaging channels are logged, enabling users to pick up conversations seamlessly. Overall, it provides a centralized place to manage the entire lifecycle of customer relationships.

5. Email Marketing

  • Create and send beautiful email campaigns
  • Leverage premade templates or build from scratch
  • Schedule emails to go out at specific dates/times
  • Segment contacts for targeted messaging
  • Track opens, clicks and unsubscribes

Email marketing is made simple with GoHighLevel’s built-in capabilities. Users can design responsive emails using the drag-and-drop editor and either send instantly or schedule emails to go out automatically. Useful templates provide a starting point too. Contact segmentation allows for personalized messaging that resonates.

6. Workflow Automation

  • Map out automated sequences with the visual workflow builder
  • Trigger actions based on new leads, form submissions, tags and more
  • Create multi-channel campaigns across email, SMS, Facebook and more
  • Accelerate lead nurturing and conversions without manual work

Workflow automation is a real game changer for saving time and effort with lead nurturing. Users can visually map out sequences to automate campaigns across multiple channels including email, text messaging, social media and more. New leads can automatically be tagged and sent through sequences without any manual effort.

7. SMS Marketing

  • Send individual or bulk text messages directly within GoHighLevel
  • Trigger automated SMS replies based on incoming messages
  • Nurture text conversations to generate leads and sales
  • Log all incoming and outgoing messages

Harnessing SMS marketing can give a boost to conversion rates. GoHighLevel features lets users send one-to-one or mass text blasts. Two-way conversations can also be nurtured with automated conditional responses. All texts are logged within the CRM for seamless follow-ups.

8. Forms & Surveys

  • Create unlimited forms and surveys for lead capture
  • Embed on websites with just a snippet of code
  • Collect important data like emails, names and feedback
  • Trigger auto-responses upon form submission

Forms and surveys are integral for capturing leads and customer data. GoHighLevel enables users to create as many as needed and embed them on websites. Form fields can be customized to gather key details. Upon submission, auto-responses like an email or text can be triggered to engage leads while interest is warm.

9. Reporting & Analytics

  • In-depth reports on website traffic, conversions, leads and sales
  • Monitor and optimize performance of campaigns
  • Track ROI of initiatives and ad spend
  • Identify high-performing channels and campaigns

Understanding campaign performance through data is crucial for optimization. GoHighLevel features provides detailed analytics on traffic sources, lead generation, pipeline conversion rates, ROI and more. Users can see what’s working at a granular level to double down on effective campaigns and improve areas underperforming.

10. White Label and Reseller Options

  • Add branding to GoHighLevel and sell as your own platform
  • Set your own pricing plans
  • Generate additional revenue streams by reselling the software
  • Provide bundled services around GoHighLevel 

Agencies and consultants can white label GoHighLevel to sell as their own proprietary software service. This adds immense value to offerings and can become a sizable revenue channel. Users manage the entire process from within GoHighLevel without extensive development.


GoHighLevel feature-rich software with many capabilities to benefit users managing an online business. While the platform offers an array of tools, mastering the 10 discussed here will provide an excellent foundation.

These key features empower users to create conversion-focused funnels and websites, capture more leads, nurture relationships, automate workflows, analyze data and ultimately drive more sales. Becoming proficient with them will help new users unlock the full potential of GoHighLevel by GoHighLevel features.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some key features of GoHighLevel?

Some of the most important GoHighLevel features are the funnel builder, landing page builder, website builder, CRM, email marketing, workflow automation, SMS marketing, forms, reporting and white label options.

How can GoHighLevel benefit my business?

GoHighLevel can benefit businesses by providing all the tools needed in one platform to optimize online marketing and sales processes. This includes building conversion-driven assets like funnels and landing pages, capturing leads, nurturing relationships, automating campaigns and analyzing data.

What is workflow automation in GoHighLevel?

Workflow automation allows users to map out sequences of triggered actions across channels like email, SMS and social media to automatically nurture leads without manual effort. This saves immense time while accelerating conversions.

Can I create email campaigns in GoHighLevel?

Yes, GoHighLevel has robust email marketing capabilities that enable creating beautiful, responsive email campaigns that can be sent instantly or scheduled to go out automatically based on specified dates/times.

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